Gold rate is India is very important for people who invest in this precious metal. In India, gold rates change on a daily basis due to a number of factors that have a direct influence on it. To check gold rate today in India, an individual can just search for it online or check for it at the nearest store.

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SoftBank in talks to take control of WeWork

Japanese group prepares financing package for property group

Global regulator step up scrutiny of Libra

Facebook seeks to rally support for digital currency as more partners jump ship

Goldman and Morgan Stanley expected to suffer IPO hit

WeWork’s failed listing and weak investment banking likely to weigh in third quarter


Safari in iOS sends some Safe Browsing data to Tencent

Apple's Safari browser has long sent data to Google Safe Browsing to help protect against phishing scams using its Fraudulent Website Warning feature, but it now appears Chinese tech giant Tencent gets some information as well. Users have discovered...

US says digital assets are covered by money laundering and disclosure laws

US regulators issued a blunt warning to cryptocurrency holders who think they're not beholden to the usual rules. The Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network have put...

San Francisco's proposed office would prevent 'reckless' tech rollouts

San Francisco has a history of dealing with out-of-control tech deployments -- just ask people who had to wade through piles of scooters for months until the city started the permit process. Companies might have to be more careful going forward, how...

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