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Google crowns Venezuelan champion of Chrome's dinosaur game

The American multinational Google today crowned Cristian Azuaje, a 22-year-old Venezuelan, as champion of the Chrome dinosaur game.

"I started playing hoping that the connection would return and well, you know: he never came back"

–Cristian Azuaje

Cristian, who was expelled from the university because the Internet connection did not allow him to finish any work, did not hide his emotion at the award and assured: “The truth is I am very surprised. I never expected to win. What's more, I didn't even know he was competing. I was just tired of resetting the router and yelling Damn the Internet! so I resigned myself and started playing hoping that the connection would return and well, you know: it never came back, but I became a sadist. It got faster and faster, pterodactyls appeared to me, it got dark, it snowed, the dinosaur got married, had children, got divorced and eventually even died. I dedicate this award to my mother, who always trusted me ”, affirmed Cristian Azuaje, who also thanked CANTV for the award for the bad connection.

When you navigate in Chrome on your computer and you are left without an internet connection, "you have two soups": you connect with your cell phone or you start playing T-Rex Run!

Dino Game or Google's Dinosaur Game is the latest easter egg that no one wants to miss. The hidden pixelated dinosaur of the Chrome browser was a success since its leak, with each update and until its latest version.

With Chrome Dino you can run, jump and duck and get to increase your score, but wouldn't it be more fun to face obstacles instead of just avoiding them?

Dino Game and the adorable pixelated T-Rex are so loved by fans that many have made versions of the game, such as jumping in real life for the T-Rex to clear the obstacle. However, the mods are not too far removed from the original because we love its retro vibe.

But now Google's hidden dinosaur runner game that pops up in Chrome when people are offline has a new version: Dino Swords.

Dino Swords, is the modified version of T-Rex Run and was created by one between the Internet collective MSCHF and 100 Thieves. These two studies gave this dinosaur a wide variety of weapons to use.

So the T-Rex will no longer just have to evade obstacles, he will now be able to use weapons against cacti. The weapons are linked to various keys that players can use, but that's not all, there are more Easter eggs!

Some of the weapons will cause self-harm i.e. they cause the T-Rex to self-harm. The creators warn that there are countless Easter eggs or hidden surprises in the game. In addition to the surprises there will also be recognitions as "the best sword player" and prizes (it is a surprise).

There are 26 different weapons to discover, all with hotkeys to a different letter on your keyboard. Like the original, it keeps score and that score lands on a world leaderboard. At the end of a week, the highest score wins a prize.

With this version, the Dino game feels like a classic web browser game from a previous era, 100 Thieve director said "Dino Swords is our version of the classic Chrome dinosaur racing game, extravagant with 26 weapons to help you on your races. Many of them pay homage to the weapons of classic video games. (...) there are some Easter eggs that are quite difficult to unlock. "

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Why Goldman staff should not bank on limitless holidays

Unrestricted vacation policies tend to lead to fewer days taken off

Allianz funds scandal hands US prosecutors a $6bn scalp

Settlement by Europe’s largest insurer comes as authorities vow to get tougher on white collar crime

Crypto lender Celsius stung by sell-off in digital asset market

Value of customer assets deposited on platform has shrunk by half since the start of 2022


Hyundai's first all-EV factory in the US will be in Georgia

Hyundai is betting big on American electric vehicle sales. The automaker has struck a deal with Georgia to build its first dedicated EV factory in the US. The 2,923-acre plant near Savannah will make cars and batteries when production is projected to start in the first half of 2025. Construction starts in early 2023. The company expects to manufacture 300,000 EVs per year at the facility, covering a "wide range" of models.

Multiple factors led to the location choice. Hyundai pointed to "favorable business conditions" that included speedy market access, a large talent pool and an existing network that includes Kia's main manufacturing hub as well as suppliers. Unnamed incentives play a part, according to Savannah Morning News. However, it's also a prime spot for transportation. The factory is less than 31 miles from Savannah's port, which is the largest container stopover in the US and has two railway facilities at its disposal. Add the proximity of two major highways (the I-95 and I-16) and it will be easy for Hyundai to receive supplies and ship finished EVs.

Not surprisingly, both Georgia and Hyundai are touting economic benefits. They estimate the investment to be worth $5.54 billion, with Governor Brian Kemp claiming it will be the "largest project" in state history. Hyundai further claimed the plant would create 8,100 jobs, although it's not clear how many of those are full-time, permanent roles.

The annual production level won't be quite as strong as Hyundai's conventional manufacturing output. The company's Montgomery, Alabama plant can make up to 399,500 vehicles per year. This represents a major commitment to EVs, however, and suggests Hyundai is racing to compete with Tesla, Rivian, Volkswagen and other brands expanding their electric car production in the country.

The FCC has a plan to boost rural broadband download speeds to 100 Mbps

The Federal Communications Commission is aiming to boost rural broadband internet speeds through proposed changes to the Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) program. The target is to improve minimum download and upload speeds to 100/20 Mbps in areas served by carriers that receive A-CAM support. The current baseline is 25/3 Mbps.

The A-CAM Broadband Coalition proposed the creation of an Enhanced A-CAM program. The goal is to improve broadband speeds to the levels specified in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (also known as the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law) while avoiding the duplication of efforts across various federal programs.

The notice of proposed rulemaking, which commissioners approved, seeks comment on how the FCC could bolster A-CAM support under an enhanced program and whether the current A-CAM framework even still makes sense. It's also seeking comment on how to align the Enhanced A-CAM program with Congressional goals and programs at other agencies.

"With additional funding and an expansion of the length of time under which electing carriers would receive support, these carriers would increase deployment speeds up to 100 Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload in some of the most challenging and expensive areas to serve in the country," Commissioner Geoffrey Starks said in a statement. "[Some] consumers served by A-CAM carriers could see a four-fold, 10-fold or even 20-fold increase in their speeds."

Last week, using funding allocated by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, the Biden administration launched a $45 billion project to bring all Americans online by 2030 and eliminate the digital divide. Officials have also teamed up with internet providers to subsidize the cost of broadband for low-income households.

Amazon’s upcoming tablets will include a more modern Fire OS 8

Amazon’s new Fire 7 tablets — due to arrive this summer — will be equipped with improved software. According to a report on AFTV News. tablets will come with Fire OS 8, an entirely new version of the Fire operating system that is based on Android 11. Given that Google no longer releases security patches or updates for Android 9, this will be welcome news for Fire tablet owners.

As Liliputing points out, most of what Fire OS 8 changes bring to the table seem to be under-the-hood security updates. But users can expect a new system-wide dark mode, which might make browsing your tablet late at night a bit easier on the eyes. The new OS will also support HEIF or (High Efficiency Image File) format images, an update to JPEGs that most Apple and Android smartphones have supported since 2018. 

Fire apps will also now be able access your device’s location while running in the background, but you'll need to give permission first. The update also includes a new set of privacy controls, including one-time permissions on location tracking. For a more nuanced breakdown of what to expect in Fire OS 8, check out Amazon’s updated developer guide.

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