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Nikola targets critical YouTube accounts in copyright crackdown

Truck start-up forces removal of negative videos

Tech below the threshold of war

Facebook tightens political ads, Google’s $1bn news pledge, Pixel 5 smartphone

Playboy/Hims: the bald truth

Neither men’s lifestyle company makes for compelling investment amid fierce competition


GOG will sell Epic Games Store titles through its Galaxy app

When CD Projekt started testing GOG Galaxy 2.0 last year, it said its goal was to create a launcher where you could have all your PC games in one place. The company is taking a significant step toward fulfilling that promise with a new beta feature t...

Snapchat helped register a million voters ahead of 2020 election

Earlier this summer, Snapchat launched a suite of in-app tools to help its users register to vote and learn about the upcoming 2020 election. Now, Snap says those efforts have paid off. Snapchat has so far helped more than a million people register t...

Facebook bans ads supporting QAnon

Facebook is taking new steps to limit QAnon’s influence on its platform. The social network said that it was banning ads that “praise, support or represent” QAnon or “militarized social movements,” and that it had begun to down-rank posts from QAnon...

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