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Privacy concerns grow over Zoom videoconferencing platform

Letter from New York attorney-general comes amid increasing scrutiny over app’s practices

Uber warns drivers against avoiding ‘disadvantaged’ areas

Ride-hailing company said some drivers were using new policy to turn down low-income customers

Amazon auditions to be ‘new Red Cross’ for the crisis

This could be the group’s finest hour but there are concerns about workers being put at risk


Accidental cross-play makes Star Wars 'Jedi Academy' a console bloodbath

The classic 2003 Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy game recently arrived on PS4 and Switch, but console users excited to try it have encountered a formidable enemy. PC players have figured out how to cross-play on consoles, so they're invading onli...

Airbnb vows to partly cover host losses following COVID-19 cancellations

Airbnb is setting aside $250 million for hosts affected by the coronavirus pandemic and is also expanding its no-penalty cancellations even further. A couple of weeks ago, the company announced that all stays and Experiences with check-in dates betwe...

Spotify's standalone Kids app is now available in the US

When Spotify first launched its standalone app for kids last October, the possibilities were intriguing. It meant that parents could play music their kids like without having it impact their algorithmically generated playlists and recommendations on...

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