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Remote working on trial in China and Silicon Valley

Coronavirus forces solution on Chinese groups but techs see it as answer to problems

Hedge fund Renaissance built stake ahead of Tesla surge

Algorithm-driven investment towards end of last year preceded price jump

Coronavirus forces Apple to warn over iPhone sales

Disruption in China will cause worldwide fallout as supply chain stutters


Extortionists threaten sites with bad traffic to make Google ban ads

A creative extortion scheme is threatening websites with revenue loss by unleashing bad traffic that activates Google's AdSense anti-fraud systems, according to Krebs on Security. First, a fraudster threatens to flood the publisher's site with sketch...

LG brings a 48-megapixel camera to its budget K-series smartphone

LG has added three new models to its K-series line of budget smartphones, and all of them have a rear quad-camera setup with a high-resolution main lens, a wide angle lens, a depth sensor and a macro lens. In fact the K61 is the first LG smartphone w...

Cadillac will unveil its first all-electric vehicle in April

We'll soon finally see the midsize electric crossover Cadillac previewed way back in January 2019. Cadillac president Steve Carlisle has revealed that the company will unveil the crossover, its first all-electric vehicle, in April at the National Aut...

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