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GameStop and BlackBerry shares soar on amateur traders’ fervour

Intense enthusiasm among online message boards jolts a clutch of stocks

Slot machine markets pay out in full

But not everyone is happy.

AMC chief says bankruptcy ‘off the table’ after $917m fundraising

Amount will give cinema operator enough cash to survive until July, assuming no increase in attendance levels


‘Cyberpunk 2077’ update introduced a game-breaking bug

Cyberpunk 2077’s 1.1 update was supposed to set the troubled game on the path toward redemption. Instead, it seems to have come with its own set of problems. Per Eurogamer, players have discovered a game-breaking bug involving Cyberpunk 2077’s “Down...

Twitter’s new ‘Birdwatch’ experiment crowdsources fact-checking

Twitter is launching a new feature to fight misinformation: Birdwatch, a “community-driven approach” that crowdsources fact checks directly from other Twitter users. The experiment was first spotted last fall, but the company is now officially introd...

How Biden and Harris could refocus the White House on science

In each of its annual budget requests, the Trump administration made deep funding cuts to federal research spending, in spite of Congress’ consistent refusals. However, the administration's 2021 proposal actually sought to promote AI and quantum comp...

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