Mark Fields Interview with Owners Illustrated

An Exclusive interview with Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields. We talk on a wide range of topics and products including Mustang.

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Apple tax deal: how it worked and what ruling means

Ruling against US technology group takes battle against aggressive corporate tax avoidance to new level

Apple: Cheaper than the IRS

Tax bill is better than anything on offer to tech group back home

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US electoral cycle and Britain’s vote to leave EU add to negotiators’ problems


My favorite games to read

I've been reading a really great story recently. By which I mean I have been playing a really great video game. Specifically, I've been playing adventure game Kentucky Route Zero, now on its fourth episode (of five). Despite being a video game, it is...

Devs can now publish Windows apps straight to Xbox One

Microsoft is getting its proverbial development ducks in a row, with the addition of new capabilities to its Dev Center that should make multi-platform publishing a whole lot more straightforward, as well as provide more feedback to developers.

'Gran Turismo Sport' delayed to sometime in 2017

Polyphony Digital has a reputation for taking its sweet time to bring Gran Turismo games to Sony consoles, and Gran Turismo Sport won't be an exception to the rule. The studio has delayed its first PS4 racing game to sometime in 2017 after having pr...

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