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Bankers brace for a brave new world

BofA settlement closes a chapter in history of the crisis, and signs are mounting that the era of unconventional monetary policy is over

Goldman nears $1.1bn payment to FHFA

Deal to resolve the sale of bad mortgage-backed securities could be struck within days, with the bank also preparing for related talks with the DoJ

US official behind $36bn bank settlements

Tony West, the number three official at the US Department of Justice, has hauled in $36bn by taking a tough line with banks in settlement talks


CarKarPlay display mirrors your smartphone on your dashboard

Remember the good old days when mini Bluetooth keyboards just became a thing? Then you may recall a brand called iPazzPort, who is now launching what appears to be the world's first wireless display dedicated to mobile devices. Much like the brand,...

The Big Picture: Neptune's largest moon, Triton

Neptune has more moons than we have planets in our Solar System, with a total of 14 (and counting) orbiting around it. Its largest, Triton, is big enough to practically be considered a planet, so much so that scientists often compare it to Pluto....

The best way to draw a self-portrait is with your blood and a CNC machine

Snapping a selfie with your phone is easy enough these days, but in order to create a self-portrait, a Brooklyn-based artist chose a slightly different route. 44-year-old Ted Lawson hooked himself up to a CNC machine (which he refers to as a "robot")...

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