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Obama rebukes Sony for scrapping film

North Korea urges joint investigation after FBI accuses it of cyber attack on studio

Caesars unit eyes bankruptcy protection

44 casinos and resorts affected by agreement with bondholders

US labour regulator targets McDonald’s

National Labor Relations Board files 78 cases of rights violations at group and its franchisees


Google lawsuit forces MPAA-backed attorney general to retreat

Remember that post Google put up this week that accused the MPAA of trying to resurrect the spirit of SOPA with the help of state prosecutors (that included evidence based on some of Sony Pictures' leaked emails)? It just turned into a lawsuit -- and...

Volvo's bike helmet concept alerts riders and drivers to each other

You know what will go perfectly with those futuristic rocket-powered, heartrate-monitoring bikes? This smart helmet that Volvo wants to create. It's a two-way system that works by uploading both cyclists' and drivers' locations to Volvo's cloud. Whil...

North Korea denies attacking Sony, offers to help investigate

North Korea has ratcheted the absurdity level of the Sony hack up a notch by pleading its innocence again and even offering to help find the real perpetrators. The FBI recently blamed North Korea for the attack that forced Sony Pictures Entertainment...

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