Mark Fields Interview with Owners Illustrated

An Exclusive interview with Ford President of the Americas Mark Fields. We talk on a wide range of topics and products including Mustang.

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Second airbag recall for 2m US vehicles

Officials recall 2m vehicles made in early 2000s for a second time

Take off shades to peer behind numbers

Squint at the smaller figures as they can often be more revealing

Dish spends $13.3bn in spectrum auction

Charlie Ergen takes central role in the future shape of the US mobile phone industry


'Tron'-like headphones, virtual reality at Sundance and other stories you might've missed this week!

We get it. It's been a busy week. Luckily, we're here to catch you up on the release date of the Apple Watch, VR headsets in Hollywood and all the other cool stuff you may have accidentally glossed over during five days on the daily grind....

Amazon's Echo lets you control iTunes, Pandora and Spotify with your voice

If you accepted an invitation to buy Amazon's Echo speaker, you've noticed that the device didn't have a vast musical vocabulary at first -- you could tell it to play iHeartRadio or Prime Music tunes, and that's about it. You'll have a better time of...

Marriott is no longer fighting for permission to block WiFi hotspots

Marriott wants you to know that it's completely done trying to block guests' personal WiFi connections -- it has even given up convincing the FCC to give it permission to do so, a spokesperson told Engadget. The company already announced that it won'...

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